Energy is essential to daily life and as such, we must, given the weighty economic dependence on fossil fuels today, face the enormous challenges that climate change brings, from the struggle against environmental pollution, the growing reliance on imports, the pressure on energy resources and the supply of safe energy to all consumers at reasonable prices.

Renewable energy – wind, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), water and geothermal, and biomass – these are basic alternatives to fossil fuels. These allow us to reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also our reliance on imported fossil fuels (mainly gas and petrol). Below are examples of the services that MEC Italia Engineering can provide for you in the field of renewable energy, these methods are applicable to diverse types of renewable energy, and can be tailored to your requirements.

The engineers of MEC Italia, on its own behalf or that of other Companies have completed the following significant projects; Technical due diligence, Feasibility study, Micrositing design, Anemology analyses, carried out with important Groups in various regions of Italian and Europe including; Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, England, Estonia. The wind turbines mentioned here vary from 12MW to 200MW.