In over forty years of experience working with Multinational Companies, we have honed our knowledge of client needs and weak points in a multitude of Industrial sectors. We have studied these issues, and through analysis made them into our strengths. From this process, we have drawn an expert team and built Company with solid roots, able to offer a wide range of services to meet the demands modern businesses.

This, along with our reputation for quality and professional approach, has always made MEC Italia stand out. We are ready to put our knowledge and team of competitive and skilful specialists at your service, to help you meet the new market demands, as well the requirements of the workplace safety regulations in force.
We match our skills with a careful cost analysis and great organisational flexibility, allowing us to operate in an agile manner across several sites simultaneously for example:
Installation, maintenance and assembly of industrial plants, assistance with start-up and manufacturing with support for quality certifications, particularly in:

Cement plant, Iron & steel,
Plants for manufacturing finished and semi-finished products in light alloys,
Incinerators, Water treatment plants.

We have a vast and diversified range of equipment, site machinery and office containers that can satisfy every need. All of our staff is trained and equipped with technical certifications in compliance with the workplace safety regulations in force.
Working with MEC Italia Engineering means buying not just a project but also experience, safety and certainty.


Reference list plants per product sector

Manufacturing plants and surface treatments for aluminium edging

Extrusion lines complete with hydraulic presses of 350ton, 650ton, 1630ton, 2000ton, 2200ton, 2400ton, 2800ton installed at the following clients;

Alnor S.p.A. Brescia – Italy
Estrall s.r.l. Brescia – Italy
Hydro-Atessa S.p.A. Chieti – Italy
Neva S.p.A. Brescia – Italy
Metal S.p.A. Frosinone – Italy
Micra s.r.l. Brescia – Italy
Alubat S.p.A. Gorizia – Italy
Frunze Sumy – Ukraine
Mitijavial Toulouse – France
Nalco Amman – Jordan
Vepral s.r.l. Salerno – Italy
Indinvest S.p.A. Milan – Italy
Anodali S.p.A. Verona – Italy
Secondary aluminium foundry for the manufacturing of billets in alloy series 6000, capacity 30,000 ton, 32,000 ton, 25,000 ton installed at the following clients;

Alufond S.p.A. Brescia – Italy
Nalco Amman – Jordan
Alnor S.p.A. Brescia – Italy
Surface treatment lines for anodising semi-finished aluminium products and lines for horizontal and vertical coating with undercoat for phosphochromation for epoxy powder coating. Anodising plant capacity from 24,000 Amperes and from 32,000 Amperes.

Elta s.r.l. Brescia – Italy
Metal S.p.A. Frosinone – Italy
Nalco Amman – Jordan
Anodali S.p.A. Verona – Italy

Cement Plant and Optimisation

Laser alignment of ovens, machines, engines, reduction gears, run lines etc. Assembly of grinding plants: carpentry, grinder complete with plating and kinematic chain, elevators, separators, filters, scrapers, exhausts, cyclones, conveyor belts, balances, stock silos for various materials, cement transport ducts, de-dusting and fluidification pipework, fillers, palletisers, blank testing of machinery.

Machinery overhauling: general overhauling with replacement of worn parts for the following machinery; lepol grates, cooling grates for Fuller, ikn, recupol types. Electrofilters, filters, bush replacement (or scraping) of oven roller bearings, refacing works with machine welding for roller press and/or grinder of Horomill type.

Complete supply of plants; Design, Construction, Installation, Start-up, Assistance with manufacturing of iron and non-iron semi-finished products.

Valdata S.p.A. Milan – Italy
Colacem S.p.A. Perugia – Italy
Cementi Rusconi S.p.A. Lecco – Italy
Buzzi unicem S.p.A. Casale Monferrato Italy
Holcim Italia S.p.A. Merone – Italy
Mineraria Sacilese S.p.A. Pordenone- Italy
Siprem S.p.A. Pordenone – Italy
Grigolin S.p.A. Treviso – Italy
Cemill S.p.A. Ravenna – Italy
Italcementi S.p.A. Bergamo – Italy
Cemento Rossi S.p.A. Piacenza Italy
Contimpianti S.p.A. Bergamo – Italy
Parmacementi S.p.A. Parma – Italy
Laterlite S.p.A. Parma – Italy
Cementos de Beira – Mozambique – Africa

Plant technology

Plastic production plant complete c.ty KG 200,000
Marittima Veneta

Pressure pipelines (OCD, Air, Gas and Steam)
Italcementi S.p.A.

Hydraulic Thrust rotary kiln
Hera ambiente Ravenna Italy