Today the question of food processing, packaging and preservation is of huge importance due to issues around health, economics, geography and climate. Some foods last unaltered for many years, or even indefinitely. By contrast, meat and fish are extremely difficult to preserve in that the protein they are so rich in provides an excellent substratum for many microorganisms.
The hygiene issues inherent to the processing and treatment of alimentary substances, both solid and liquid, mean that we must respect best practise (in hygiene and cleanliness) to prevent micro-organisms or harmful parasites from invading foods & beverages. Thus, it is vital to spread knowledge of the processes linked to food & beverage treatment, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.
We are what we eat, and we decide how to treat our food. Therefore, we must make conscious choices when it comes to treating and packaging alimentary substances, in the interests of our own health and that of others.



Packaged food and drinks ensure hygiene and control. Thanks to the absolute respect for the cold chain and the traceability regulations introduced by European law, it is now in fact possible to guarantee people a completely safe product in terms of hygiene and nutritional quality. Furthermore, protection against the risk of product tampering has been great increased. All distributors check each product before it is packaged and/or bottled.
In order to offer our Clients a range of high technology plant systems for treating, wrapping, bottling and/or packaging almost any alimentary product, MEC Italia Engineering has forged agreements with several important Companies to supply complete, ready-to-operate lines.

Services, machines and plants offered:
• Plants for fresh or frozen fish products
• Plants for fruit and vegetable processing and treatment
• Plants for tropical fruit treatment
• Design and analysis for bottling lines complete with accessory services, for glass, PET, cans and kegs.
• Complete lines for containers from19lt (5 gallons)
• Complete plants and lines for vacuum-packing alimentary products, in temperature controlled environments, with inert gases, both over the counter and in lines complete with accessory machines
• Plants for processing ready meals and snack foods
• Plants for processing leafy vegetables and tubers
• Tomato processing plants
• Complete lines and plants for manufacturing mozzarella and similar cheeses
• Dosing and measuring plants

Some projects that MEC Italia Engineering has executed for other Companies:

Regarding the processing of liquid alimentary products and the management of complex plants such as:
Lines for filling beer kegs with a nominal capacity from 60 to 40 keg/h
Bottle blowing machine for PET bottles with a nominal capacity from1,000 to 10,000 b/h
Complete bottling lines with a nominal capacity from 1,000 to 40,000 b/h
Tomato sauce manufacturing lines with a nominal capacity from 5,000 to 10,000 b/h

The aforementioned lines have been installed for national and international Brands including: Coca Cola, Antarctica, Brahma, Inca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Kaiser, Nestle, C.C.U. Chile, Central de Cervejas Lisbon, San Son Seng Malaysia.

Beyond beverage lines, the MEC Italia team also has background experience of over 70 installations of machinery and plants in sectors such as dairy/cheese-making, processing, packaging and food preservation in controlled environments, vacuum packing, and/or inert gases.
The main projects were carried out in Eastern Europe, the Far East and South America.



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