CONSTRUCTION… a term that holds a myriad of meanings and metaphors, rooted far back in time. Construction is not just placing one brick upon another – building means passion, organisation, consideration for man and his work, respect for the environment and the context in which we operate. Construction is not about filling empty space, it is about shaping space, shaping ideas to the needs of each of us, whether for work, living, studying or simply to reanimate forgotten environments and let them tell their story. Building is synonymous with Creation… and in accordance with this, the deepest meaning of the term, MEC Italia Engineering sets out its daily mission, for us, for you, for all of those who want to… Live… not just survive, whatever their environment.

MEC Italia Engineering’s construction division, created in 2009, CQOP-SOA certified for building public words (download file in PDF). Experts in working within the regulations and standards in force, they prove this in the field, acting on a difficult construction Sites with care, conscientiousness and fluidity.
We operate it the fields of general construction, civil and industrial buildings, hospitals, and walling related to complexes in order to improve energy efficiency, as well as façade renewal, demolition, varied maintenance works. We operate both independently and for third parties including working with public bodies, and carrying out works for hydraulic, heating and power plants.
MEC Italia participates in tenders for public and private works. We prioritise quality, safety and competence, using only highly qualified staff whether internal or external, thus ensuring the maximum professional result, punctuality and respect for costs and deadlines as forecast.

Our values:
• Design buildings with high energy saving performance, using innovative materials
• Site safety and respect for the international regulations and standards in force
• Respect for the environment and reduction of pollution
• Design and analysis aimed to reduce construction costs
• Use of the best technology available for optimal results at minimal costs
• Do our absolute best to deserve your trust
• Make structures and architecture inspired by our criteria and ethics, ever mindful that our actions must be governed by diligence, attention, care and effort to guarantee that your requirements are satisfied.