We design and manufacture. We always have a solution. This is MEC ITALIA ENGINEERING.

From civil and industrial construction, to the metal mechanics sector, from food & beverage to workplace safety training for business.
With more than thirty years of experience, we are a company with vast technical expertise. We can design, co-ordinate and produce plants for multiple sectors in the manufacturing field. We sell our know-how, operating both in Italy and worldwide.

Whether it is consultancy or manufacturing, the foundation stone of every project we undertake is always a professional analysis and feasibility study. Our evaluations and plans follow certified processes and procedures.
In order to guarantee the quality of our services we have obtained the CQOP SOA and ACCREDIA INTERTEK certifications.


“We are an international company in continuous evolution, our desire is to grow with our Partners, giving added value to everything we do, making your work our mission.”

MEC ITALIA ENGINEERING has a staff of qualified specialists. Our team are expert in supplying services and carrying out engineering and feasibility analyses for complex plants with a high technological content. Confident in the knowledge of the expertise we have earned, we offer our services on the international market in every sector related to the design, construction, assembly and maintenance of iron & steel, cement, energy and food & beverage industry plant systems.

With our highly competent team, MEC creates personalised, optimised and revamped plants. We put all our knowledge and talent at your disposition, offering you a collaboration founded on binding principles.


To be a company that, through the continuous sharing of expertise and skills, keeps growing together with its Clients and Co-workers.

We constantly work to the best of our abilities so that our ethos, our values, our skills, professional approach and talents nurture the continued development of the Company and its Partners, while supplying ever-improving services to the Companies and People the share our path.